2018-02-18 01:41 CET

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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  000188711 Bugminorresolved (votdev)2018-02-11openmediavault-wakealarm 3.2: Menu entry not removed after uninstall
  00001963   Featureminorresolved (votdev)2018-02-11default NFS exports options and avahi
  00018821   Featureminorresolved (votdev)2018-01-27Add 'source-directory interfaces.d' to /etc/network/interfaces
  00018801   Bugminorresolved (votdev)2018-01-18smbd(_audit) spams syslog with "null passwords option is deprecated" message
  00018701   Bugmajorresolved (votdev)2018-01-06Can't mount some disks
  00018761   Bugminorresolved (votdev)2018-01-05OMV3 doesn't use label but disk id to mount FS while it should
  000187521 Bugtweakresolved (votdev)2018-01-05Diskstats plugin errors
  00018712   Known Issuemajorresolved (votdev)2017-12-30Web interface broken in Firefox 57 on linux
  000185571 Bugmajorresolved (votdev)2017-12-29OMV web interface broken in Firefox 57 ?
  00018683   Bugminorresolved (votdev)2017-12-19OMV proxy settings: internet access from cron jobs failed
  00018518   Bugmajorresolved (votdev)2017-12-16ZFS not mounted
  000186722 Bugminorresolved (votdev)2017-12-15RaidMgnt service doesn't exclude device mapper volumes (OMV4)
  00018661   Featureminorresolved (votdev)2017-12-14OMV proxy settings: export to environment via profile extention is not enough...
  00018652   Bugminorresolved (votdev)2017-12-10Error saving network configuration - no ipv6
  00005953   Clarifyminorresolved (votdev)2017-12-04relayhost should be encapsulated in square brackets
  00018535   Bugmajorresolved (votdev)2017-11-18Unable to Apply Configuration Changes due to systemctl error
  00018541   Bugminorresolved (votdev)2017-11-16Rsync notification mail: header information printed in quiet mode
  000184472 Bugminorresolved (votdev)2017-11-04BTRFS RAID FS shows twice in OMV filesystems view.
  00018433   Bugminorresolved (votdev)2017-11-04OMV_FSTAB_MNTOPS_BTRFS ignored in /etc/default/openmediavault
  00018362   Bugmajorresolved (votdev)2017-10-25SSL Key Handling: unexpected deletion of private key after modification of comment in WebGUI
  00018371   Bugminorresolved (votdev)2017-10-25SSL: wrong permissions of default SSL certificate
  00018344   Bugminorresolved (votdev)2017-10-22network not working after first installation with ipv6
  00018241   Bugminorresolved (votdev)2017-10-15File System tab page 2 not accessible
  00018291   Bugmajorresolved (votdev)2017-10-15omv-mkrrdgraph doesn't work since .6 update
  000182721 Bugmajorresolved (votdev)2017-10-15shared folder mount happens before ZFS mount
  00018281   Bugminorresolved (votdev)2017-10-04Dashboard shows memory use of zero
  000182631 Bugmajorresolved (votdev)2017-09-30Can't edit physical disk properties under OMV v4 and Debian Stretch with 4.12 kernel
  00018231   Bugminorresolved (votdev)2017-09-26Bug 1499 has occurred again
  00018191   Bugminorresolved (votdev)2017-09-19upgrade 2 to 3
  0001493    Featurefeatureresolved (votdev)2017-09-10Disk labeling
  00014143   Featureminorresolved (votdev)2017-09-08Please add a new column "label" in Phisical Disk
  00017911   Featureminorresolved (votdev)2017-08-30Folder to represent the shared folders on the filesystem
  00018091   Bugminorresolved (votdev)2017-08-23nfs-common service unit is masked
  00017922   Bugminorresolved (votdev)2017-08-03Host name and domain not as set in installer
  00017886   Bugminorresolved (votdev)2017-07-27Error with journalctl -xn
  00017901   Featureminorresolved (votdev)2017-07-26S.M.A.R.T. Mask for scheduled tests
  000178411 Bugminorresolved (votdev)2017-07-25Dialog boxes are cut off at the bottom
  000178221 Bugtweakresolved (votdev)2017-07-21btrfs Multi Device Listing is Confusing and wrong formatted
  00017724   Bugtrivialresolved (votdev)2017-07-20SMART WebGUI show RED light , but all is green when open SMART Details
  000164723 Bugminorresolved (votdev)2017-07-18Bond0 not shown up / MTU not shown correct
  00017811   Featurefeatureresolved (votdev)2017-07-18Increase granularity on "Permit root login" setting
  000177731 Bugmajorresolved (votdev)2017-07-17Memory leak when calling
  0001774131 Bugmajorresolved (votdev)2017-07-14Logical Volume Management - fsname: The value '' is not a string.
  00017753   Bugmajorresolved (votdev)2017-07-11depends on a package php-pam that does not exist for ARMHF
  000177331 Bugminorresolved (votdev)2017-07-10UID_MAX and GID_MAX from login.defs not read
  0001759125 Bugminorresolved (votdev)2017-07-06FTP running although it's disabled
  000167751 Bugminorresolved (votdev)2017-07-06OMV3: Attempted update to 3.0.59 gives sed unterminated command error
  00017681   Known Issuetrivialresolved (votdev)2017-06-22Avoid default Scheme for naming network devices in Stretch and change policy to udev (Behave like Debian 8)
  00017611   Bugminorresolved (votdev)2017-06-14LVM plugin error in LV creation
  00017541   Bugminorresolved (votdev)2017-06-07Chrome 58+ - self-signed SSL- common name invalid and [missing_subjectAltName]