2018-01-17 19:03 CET

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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  0001880    Bugminorassigned (votdev)2018-01-17smbd(_audit) spams syslog with "null passwords option is deprecated" message
  0001879    Bugblockassigned (votdev)2018-01-15Error installing LetsEncrypt generated private key
  0001878    Known Issuetweakassigned (votdev)2018-01-14(Some) links to external manual pages broken
  00009073   Bugmajorclosed (votdev)2018-01-10OMV Cron Remote Command Execution Vulnerability Exploit
  00018742   ToDominorassigned (votdev)2018-01-09Linux-Headers dependency missing for openmediavault-iscsitarget
  00018701   Bugmajorresolved (votdev)2018-01-06Can't mount some disks
  000187721 Bugminorclosed (votdev)2018-01-05omv_is_ipv6_enabled is broken by design
  00018761   Bugminorresolved (votdev)2018-01-05OMV3 doesn't use label but disk id to mount FS while it should
  000187521 Bugtweakresolved (votdev)2018-01-05Diskstats plugin errors
  0001079305 Featurefeatureclosed (votdev)2017-12-31Disk IO graphs in System Information
  00018712   Known Issuemajorresolved (votdev)2017-12-30Web interface broken in Firefox 57 on linux
  00018723   Clarifyminorassigned (votdev)2017-12-30Is mtu set correctly?
  000185571 Bugmajorresolved (votdev)2017-12-29OMV web interface broken in Firefox 57 ?
  00018691   Bugblockclosed (votdev)2017-12-23Major update issue. Update is not possible anymore.
  00018683   Bugminorresolved (votdev)2017-12-19OMV proxy settings: internet access from cron jobs failed
  00017996   Known Issueminorassigned (votdev)2017-12-163.0.86 iso
  00018518   Bugmajorresolved (votdev)2017-12-16ZFS not mounted
  000186722 Bugminorresolved (votdev)2017-12-15RaidMgnt service doesn't exclude device mapper volumes (OMV4)
  00018661   Featureminorresolved (votdev)2017-12-14OMV proxy settings: export to environment via profile extention is not enough...
  00018652   Bugminorresolved (votdev)2017-12-10Error saving network configuration - no ipv6
  00018641   Featuremajorclosed (votdev)2017-12-08Unable to mount NTFS hard disk
  000186331 Bugmajorclosed (votdev)2017-12-06Error in Monit configuration
  00018621   Clarifyminorclosed (votdev)2017-12-04Depreciated Entries in OpenSSH config
  00005953   Clarifyminorresolved (votdev)2017-12-04relayhost should be encapsulated in square brackets
  000186021 Bugminorclosed (votdev)2017-12-03Collectd running, monit fails to start
  00018611   Bugtrivialclosed (votdev)2017-12-03Minor typo in watchdog service
  0001859    Bugblockassigned (votdev)2017-11-30When configuring network (any), applying the changes fails due to a script execution error
  00018581   Bugminorassigned (votdev)2017-11-30OMV web GUI does not show SMB/CIFS "rename" audit logs
  000185711 Bugmajorassigned (votdev)2017-11-25No Dropdown Menu anymore while choosing Physical Disk
  000140421 Featuretrivialfeedback (votdev)2017-11-25NFS: Allow multiple hosts or networks for the same share
  00018561   Bugmajorclosed (votdev)2017-11-19OMV fails trying to use DEPRECATED btrfs-show-super
  00018535   Bugmajorresolved (votdev)2017-11-18Unable to Apply Configuration Changes due to systemctl error
  00018541   Bugminorresolved (votdev)2017-11-16Rsync notification mail: header information printed in quiet mode
  00018524   Bugmajorclosed (votdev)2017-11-14System freezes frequently on sata error
  000184841 Bugminorfeedback (votdev)2017-11-12Disks rrdtools graphs disappeared
  00018502   Bugmajorfeedback (votdev)2017-11-12Getting rid of a "phantom" disk
  00017985   Featureminorassigned (votdev)2017-11-10Secure the WebUI by listening on a specific interface/address
  000184211 Bugminorclosed (votdev)2017-11-07OMV extras fehler
  00018493   Bugminorclosed (votdev)2017-11-06Misdirected notification e-mail bounces back
  000183943 Bugmajorclosed (votdev)2017-11-05moni is nothing in the list appropriate
  00018053   Featurefeatureclosed (votdev)2017-11-05LEDS beim Terramaster F2-220
  00018416   Bugcrashfeedback (votdev)2017-11-04Firewall rules created in random order after reboot
  000184472 Bugminorresolved (votdev)2017-11-04BTRFS RAID FS shows twice in OMV filesystems view.
  0001847 1 Bugminorassigned (votdev)2017-11-04left menu link don't remove after uninstall module
  00018433   Bugminorresolved (votdev)2017-11-04OMV_FSTAB_MNTOPS_BTRFS ignored in /etc/default/openmediavault
  000184631 Bugminorfeedback (votdev)2017-11-03Error message when entering the Notifications tab
  0001833 1 Featuretweakclosed (votdev)2017-11-03Do not show multiple btrfs for one array
  00018451   Bugminorclosed (votdev)2017-11-03openmediavault-wol tries to use eth0 even if non-existent
  00002091   Bugminorassigned (votdev)2017-11-01Even after umount, e2fsck and resize2fs say a partition is still mounted
  0001840 1 Bugmajorassigned (votdev)2017-11-01modprobe and depmod fail -> unable to install plugins