2017-09-21 17:35 CEST

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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  00018191   Bugminorresolved (votdev)2017-09-19upgrade 2 to 3
  00018171   Bugmajorassigned (votdev)2017-09-16Samba share slow
  00018181   Bugtrivialclosed (votdev)2017-09-16Raid5
  00018151   Bugminorassigned (votdev)2017-09-10Networking at Startup
  00018141   Featureminorresolved (votdev)2017-09-10Filesystem label
  0001493    Featurefeatureresolved (votdev)2017-09-10Disk labeling
  00018112   ToDofeatureassigned (votdev)2017-09-10Drive name feature
  00018161   Featureminorassigned (votdev)2017-09-09Drive message at boot
  00014143   Featureminorresolved (votdev)2017-09-08Please add a new column "label" in Phisical Disk
  00018131   Featurefeatureassigned (votdev)2017-09-07Apple Filing `zeroconf name` does not take effect
  000173421 Bugmajorclosed (votdev)2017-09-05version of phpVirtualBox (5.0-5) is incompatible with VirtualBox 5.1.14_Debian
  0001812    Featurefeatureassigned (votdev)2017-09-05The same NFS share for 2+ hosts
  00017961   Bugmajorassigned (votdev)2017-09-03"communication error" while trying to load "Storage -> File systems"
  00017911   Featureminorresolved (votdev)2017-08-30Folder to represent the shared folders on the filesystem
  00017621   Featurefeatureassigned (votdev)2017-08-25Adding the possibility of creating BTRFS RAID 0,1,10.
  0001810    Bugminorassigned (votdev)2017-08-25ACL permission always 620 if Group permission is set to none.
  00018091   Bugminorresolved (votdev)2017-08-23nfs-common service unit is masked
  00018061   Featurefeatureclosed (votdev)2017-08-19Funktion in Autoshutdown
  0001688111 Bugmajorfeedback (votdev)2017-08-16JSON error when try to change privileges
  0001808    Bugminorassigned (votdev)2017-08-14Problem accessing services webGUI when Force SSL enabled
  0001807    Bugmajorassigned (votdev)2017-08-12OMV web-interface becomes instable after activating ipv6 and deactivating ipv4
  00018053   Featurefeatureclosed (votdev)2017-08-11LEDS beim Terramaster F2-220
  00013636   Featurefeatureassigned (votdev)2017-08-10OMV make a lot of HTTP queries
  00018041   Featurefeatureassigned (votdev)2017-08-10Stundenangabe bei geplante Aufgaben
   00018031   Featureminorassigned (votdev)2017-08-10fstab device identifiers
  0001802    Bugminorassigned (votdev)2017-08-07Bond 802.3ad , balance-alb nor working
  00018011   Bugmajorclosed (votdev)2017-08-06Ich kann nicht auf Server zugreifen.
  00018001   Bugblockassigned (votdev)2017-08-06Kann mich nicht anmelden
  0001799    Known Issueminorassigned (votdev)2017-08-033.0.86 iso
  00017922   Bugminorresolved (votdev)2017-08-03Host name and domain not as set in installer
  0001798    Featureminorassigned (votdev)2017-08-01Secure the WebUI by listening on a specific interface/address
  000179712 Bugminorclosed (votdev)2017-07-31OMV Recycle folder is missing
  00017943   Bugminorassigned (votdev)2017-07-31Share is absent after restart
  000179521 Bugmajorclosed (votdev)2017-07-31Error when sharing a folder in smb
  00017886   Bugminorresolved (votdev)2017-07-27Error with journalctl -xn
  00017901   Featureminorresolved (votdev)2017-07-26S.M.A.R.T. Mask for scheduled tests
  000178610   Bugminorclosed (votdev)2017-07-26rsync error in webgui
  00017892   Featureminorassigned (votdev)2017-07-26Shared folder volume change doesn't descent into the NFS configuration (fstab binds)
  00017853   Bugminorfeedback (votdev)2017-07-25logroate, /var/log/syslog doesnt rotate
  00017873   Bugminorclosed (votdev)2017-07-25error in login page with firefox
  000178411 Bugminorresolved (votdev)2017-07-25Dialog boxes are cut off at the bottom
  00017833   Bugmajorclosed (votdev)2017-07-23Failed to execute command after adding extra Pool option Nginx
  000178221 Bugtweakresolved (votdev)2017-07-21btrfs Multi Device Listing is Confusing and wrong formatted
  00017802   Bugminorassigned (votdev)2017-07-21Memory leak when 'System Information' widget is refreshed
  00017724   Bugtrivialresolved (votdev)2017-07-20SMART WebGUI show RED light , but all is green when open SMART Details
  000164723 Bugminorresolved (votdev)2017-07-18Bond0 not shown up / MTU not shown correct
  00017811   Featurefeatureresolved (votdev)2017-07-18Increase granularity on "Permit root login" setting
  000177731 Bugmajorresolved (votdev)2017-07-17Memory leak when calling
  00017112   Featurefeatureassigned (votdev)2017-07-17Directory services LDAP / Active Directory
  00017783   Bugmajorclosed (votdev)2017-07-17No public keys (NO_PUBKEY 24863F0C716B980B) anythere for repo http://packages.openmediavault.org/public/