2017-07-24 06:33 CEST

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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  000178221 Bugtweakresolved (votdev)2017-07-21btrfs Multi Device Listing is Confusing and wrong formatted
  00017724   Bugtrivialresolved (votdev)2017-07-20SMART WebGUI show RED light , but all is green when open SMART Details
  000164723 Bugminorresolved (votdev)2017-07-18Bond0 not shown up / MTU not shown correct
  00017811   Featurefeatureresolved (votdev)2017-07-18Increase granularity on "Permit root login" setting
  000177731 Bugmajorresolved (votdev)2017-07-17Memory leak when calling
  0001774131 Bugmajorresolved (votdev)2017-07-14Logical Volume Management - fsname: The value '' is not a string.
  00017753   Bugmajorresolved (votdev)2017-07-11depends on a package php-pam that does not exist for ARMHF
  000177331 Bugminorresolved (votdev)2017-07-10UID_MAX and GID_MAX from login.defs not read
  0001759125 Bugminorresolved (votdev)2017-07-06FTP running although it's disabled
  000167751 Bugminorresolved (votdev)2017-07-06OMV3: Attempted update to 3.0.59 gives sed unterminated command error
  00017681   Known Issuetrivialresolved (votdev)2017-06-22Avoid default Scheme for naming network devices in Stretch and change policy to udev (Behave like Debian 8)
  00017611   Bugminorresolved (votdev)2017-06-14LVM plugin error in LV creation
  00017541   Bugminorresolved (votdev)2017-06-07Chrome 58+ - self-signed SSL- common name invalid and [missing_subjectAltName]
  00017551   Bugminorresolved (votdev)2017-06-05Outdated configuration of rsyslog for openmediavault releated syslog configurations.
  000175242 Bugminorresolved (votdev)2017-06-04French translation problem
  000174551 Bugminorresolved (votdev)2017-05-31Toggle buttons on "Services" tab are inactive
  00016831   Featureminorresolved (votdev)2017-05-16Change btrfs-tools dependency to btrfs-tools | btrfs-progs
  00017371   Featureminorresolved (votdev)2017-05-16Make text in all popups selectable.
  00017365   Bugminorresolved (votdev)2017-05-13Error unmount disk (legacy mount point)
  00017351   Bugminorresolved (votdev)2017-05-09smartd refuses to monitor devices due to exceeding maximum line length
  00017313   Bugminorresolved (votdev)2017-04-30Bug in filesystems view (0001721) still present
  00017291   Bugminorresolved (votdev)2017-04-26Unable to stop rsync job once it has begun.
  00017211   Bugmajorresolved (votdev)2017-04-21Bug in filesystems view
  00017153   Bugmajorresolved (votdev)2017-04-10ldap plugin: Wrong permissions of config files with sensitive data
  000171611 Bugminorresolved (votdev)2017-04-10Bugs in openmediavault-nut plugin
  00017183   Featuretweakresolved (votdev)2017-04-10/etc/default/cpufrequtils gets overwritten
  00017101   Bugmajorresolved (votdev)2017-04-05"Failed to execute XPath query '//services/tftp'." message and unable to enable tftp server
  00017091   Bugmajorresolved (votdev)2017-04-03The property 'quarantine_sharedfolderref' does not exist in the model 'conf.service.clamav'.
  000170511 Bugminorresolved (votdev)2017-03-26Constant error with local Rsync after jobs are created but share folders\disk layout changed afterwards
  00017022   Featureminorresolved (votdev)2017-03-20Possibility to select the TLS ciphers
  00016303   Bugblockresolved (votdev)2017-03-20omv-update fails during openmediavault installation
  00017014   Bugminorresolved (votdev)2017-03-17ntp service not installed
  00016961   Bugminorresolved (votdev)2017-03-13Failing hostname --fqdn should not cause web interface login failure
  00016971   Bugfeatureresolved (votdev)2017-03-13NFS bind not mounted when adding new share
  00016981   Bugminorresolved (votdev)2017-03-13NFS server error on removing a share
  00016922   Bugmajorresolved (votdev)2017-03-10Shared folders - privileges error: "Failed to decode JSON string: No error"
  00016912   Bugminorresolved (votdev)2017-03-02OMV-3: Cannot use Secondary Email in Notifications
  00016848   Bugmajorresolved (votdev)2017-03-02Erasmus USB Backup Plugin 3.2.14: Run command from web ui does not work
  0001669    Featureminorresolved (votdev)2017-03-02Add ca_ES support.
  00016871   Bugmajorresolved (votdev)2017-03-01mysql root password is not set
  00014996   Bugminorresolved (votdev)2017-02-23Monit collect .conf and pid file
  00016367   Bugmajorresolved (votdev)2017-02-21NFS implementation and ZFS
  00016783   Bugmajorresolved (votdev)2017-02-16WebGui error users after entering domain
  00016684   Bugminorresolved (votdev)2017-02-14openmediavault-update-smart-drivedb failure
  000147112 Bugminorresolved (votdev)2017-02-13Updating smartmontools fails due to address redirection
  000167172 Bugminorresolved (votdev)2017-02-06High CPU usage in client browser when 'Software Failure' session authentication message is displayed
  00016732   Clarifyminorresolved (votdev)2017-02-06Reboot from OMV 3 GUI requires no new login after reboot, immediately logged in after reloading browser page
  0001662    Bugmajorresolved (votdev)2017-01-20After installing OwnCloud and rebooting WebGUI is gone
  00016591   Featureminorresolved (votdev)2017-01-10Adapt network backend to support predictable network interface names
  00016572   Bugmajorresolved (votdev)2017-01-10OMV3: exports are mounted via bind - but nofail option is missing - stopping boot.