2017-06-23 20:45 CEST

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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  00017631   Bugcrashassigned (votdev)2017-06-23High CPU USAGE /rpc.php
  00017641   Bugminorclosed (votdev)2017-06-23Can't copy error text anymore
  00017651   Bugminorclosed (votdev)2017-06-23Can't update via webui
  00017661   Clarifyminorclosed (votdev)2017-06-23Dash board shows smb running
  00017681   Known Issuetrivialresolved (votdev)2017-06-22Avoid default Scheme for naming network devices in Stretch and change policy to udev (Behave like Debian 8)
  000176711 Bugmajorclosed (votdev)2017-06-21After installing MiniDLNA plugin the webgui disappeared
  00017324   Featureminorassigned (votdev)2017-06-20log file RPC
  00017601   Bugcrashassigned (votdev)2017-06-17Enabling SMART in WebGUI crashes server
  00017578   Bugtrivialclosed (votdev)2017-06-15Clicking "System" head category in the browser control panel causes major part of the UI to disappear
  0001762    Featurefeatureassigned (votdev)2017-06-14Adding the possibility of creating BTRFS RAID 0,1,10.
  00017611   Bugminorresolved (votdev)2017-06-14LVM plugin error in LV creation
  000167741 Bugminorassigned (votdev)2017-06-13OMV3: Attempted update to 3.0.59 gives sed unterminated command error
  00017593   Bugminorassigned (votdev)2017-06-12FTP running although it's disabled
  00017111   Featurefeatureassigned (votdev)2017-06-08Directory services LDAP / Active Directory
  0001758 1 Bugmajorassigned (votdev)2017-06-07Several vfs_object for samba causes problems
  00017541   Bugminorresolved (votdev)2017-06-07Chrome 58+ - self-signed SSL- common name invalid and [missing_subjectAltName]
  00017551   Bugminorresolved (votdev)2017-06-05Outdated configuration of rsyslog for openmediavault releated syslog configurations.
  0001756    Bugminorassigned (votdev)2017-06-05Replace iscsitarget with something still maintained
  000174252 Bugminorclosed (votdev)2017-06-04Focused line twitches when "File systems" page is dynamically refreshing
  000175242 Bugminorresolved (votdev)2017-06-04French translation problem
  000175311 Bugminorclosed (votdev)2017-06-04OMV 3.0.77 : It's impossible to have two SAMBA share on the same path
  000174551 Bugminorresolved (votdev)2017-05-31Toggle buttons on "Services" tab are inactive
  000175011 Bugminorclosed (votdev)2017-05-28The color line is trimmed in the selected row
  00017494   ToDomajorclosed (votdev)2017-05-28quota is outdated and that is why it failed to mount external HDDs on boot (service failed)
  0001751 1 Bugtweakassigned (votdev)2017-05-26Wrong graph on Disk usage when you delete a ZFS Snapshot
  000174841 Bugmajorclosed (votdev)2017-05-23Can't log-in
  00017474   Featureminorassigned (votdev)2017-05-19Add "php-apc" package to "Suggests" section in debian/control
  000173853 Featuremajorclosed (votdev)2017-05-19Make error popups more informative
  000174631 Bugminorassigned (votdev)2017-05-19Identical popups overlap each other
  000174451 ToDominorclosed (votdev)2017-05-18Add "Erasmus (3.x)" value to "Product Version" field (MantisBT)
  00017432   Known Issuemajorassigned (votdev)2017-05-17btrfs-progs & deprecated btrfs-show-super
  00016831   Featureminorresolved (votdev)2017-05-16Change btrfs-tools dependency to btrfs-tools | btrfs-progs
  00017401   Bugminorclosed (votdev)2017-05-16Disk scan error
  00017371   Featureminorresolved (votdev)2017-05-16Make text in all popups selectable.
  00017391   Featureminorclosed (votdev)2017-05-16Can't copy error text anymore
  0001741    Clarifyminorassigned (votdev)2017-05-16Weird error mounting with similar labels
  00017365   Bugminorresolved (votdev)2017-05-13Error unmount disk (legacy mount point)
  000150152 Bugminorclosed (votdev)2017-05-09Running smartctl from webGUI on virtio drives fails
  00017351   Bugminorresolved (votdev)2017-05-09smartd refuses to monitor devices due to exceeding maximum line length
  0001734    Bugmajorassigned (votdev)2017-05-07version of phpVirtualBox (5.0-5) is incompatible with VirtualBox 5.1.14_Debian
  00016611   Featurefeatureassigned (votdev)2017-05-06Replace the munin graphs with a much modern system
  0001733    Featurefeatureassigned (votdev)2017-05-05Option for CA signed certificate without revealing the private key
  00017261   Bugminorclosed (votdev)2017-05-01FTP Netzwerkproblem
  00017313   Bugminorresolved (votdev)2017-04-30Bug in filesystems view (0001721) still present
  000172831 Bugmajorclosed (votdev)2017-04-30File system view reporting no data
  00017304   Bugmajorclosed (votdev)2017-04-26OMV-Plugins Plex is not starting under the OMV
  00017291   Bugminorresolved (votdev)2017-04-26Unable to stop rsync job once it has begun.
  000172731 Bugminorclosed (votdev)2017-04-24Bug in NFS Read and Write
  0001725    Featurefeatureassigned (votdev)2017-04-22Add support for Samba VFS Objects Shadow_Copy2
  0001724 1 Bugminorassigned (votdev)2017-04-21Planed Jobs disappears after HDD change