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0001849openmediavaultBugpublic2017-11-06 14:22
Assigned Tovotdev 
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PlatformOSDebianOS Version9.2
Product VersionArrakis (4.x) 
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Summary0001849: Misdirected notification e-mail bounces back
DescriptionHi, me again ;-)

With another (small, real) bug :

Notifications on OMV are configured properly (and I could fix the error message I described in another report by uninstalling, then reinstalling, the luks plugin).

So I receive e-mails related to cron jobs, system load and the like properly (with the properly configured sender and recipient addresses). Great.

But I just logged in using another browser to answer your questions in another report, and I then receive a BOUNCE mail from my e-mail provider :

It seems that OMV sent a security mail warning that somebody (me) had logged in using a new browser.

Mail subject was : "Your user account was used to log in to the openmediavault control panel via a web browser."

Mail "FROM" (my email address) and SMTP server were correct, but the mail "TO" was : "admin@nasgul.localdomain" (my OMV NAS name).

So my ISP's SMTP server refused this mail with "no such user" of course... And OMV then bounced it back to the "sender" (i.e. myself) which makes that I didn't receive the initial message, but got its bounce.

It appears clear that for this precise kind of message, OMV has not properly replaced the destination address with mine.

I cannot attach the complete e-mail because it contains private identification information, but shoud it be useful, I could send it over to you by private email.

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Product buildVersion: 4.0.8-1
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votdev (administrator)

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How does the /etc/postfix/recipient_canonical look? The @nasgul.localdomain entry should map the local user to your recipient email address.

On all my test and productive systems i do not have any problems.


petaramesh (reporter)

root@nasgul:/etc/postfix# cat recipient_canonical
root myrealname@myrealisp.net
@nasgul.arunacha.lan myrealname@myrealisp.net

...and actually, when I configured the debian system, I configured it as nasgul.arunacha.lan and not .localdomain

If OMV assumes that it should send mail to nasgul.localdomain, this explains that the recipient address doesn't get rewritten...


votdev (administrator)

Can not reproduce this behaviour. When i set hostname to xxx and domain name to arunacha.lan i am able to receive all mails send from the NAS box.

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