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0001743openmediavaultKnown Issuepublic2017-05-17 13:28
Assigned Tovotdev 
PlatformOSDebian jassieOS Version
Product VersionArrakis (4.x) 
Target VersionArrakis (4.x)Fixed in Version 
Summary0001743: btrfs-progs & deprecated btrfs-show-super
DescriptionOMV in tab filesystem uses deprecated btrfs-show-super

since btrfs-progs 4.8.4 is:

* deprecated and not build by default: btrfs-calc-size, btrfs-show-super


btrfs inspect-internal dump-super

should be used.
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votdev (administrator)

This issue will be fixed in OMV4. In OMV3 the origin package shipped with Debian Jessie is the requirement for the implementation. Backport packages are NOT supported.


votdev (administrator)

Package dependency has been updated already with https://github.com/openmediavault/openmediavault/commit/926f2cea173dcef1b58d20c7cffe2c14df30f995.

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