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0001742openmediavaultBugpublic2017-06-04 11:05
Assigned Tovotdev 
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Target VersionFixed in VersionErasmus (3.x) 
Summary0001742: Focused line twitches when "File systems" page is dynamically refreshing
DescriptionVideo in attachment.
Additional InformationOMV Erasmus (3.0.76)
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votdev (administrator)

Fixed in openmediavault 3.0.77, see https://github.com/openmediavault/openmediavault/commit/e93bda34a3ff65d18d329070f43f08267a4f1e6c.


RomaNNN (reporter)

Not fixed. It doesn't drop now, but selection sometimes moves to another line. See the second video in attachment.


votdev (administrator)

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The fix improves the behaviour a little bit. But finally it can not be solved completely because after the content is updated the previous selected line has to be selected again to update the toolbar conditions. Updating the toolbar conditions and reselecting the row(s) takes some time at all. I think there can't be done more to make it more smoother because everything that is related to the issue now is depending on the ExtJS code.


RomaNNN (reporter)

Ok, maybe post this issue on the Sencha forum?


In theory it can be fixed by remember last selection after calculate new data, before update tact.


votdev (administrator)

Believe me, everything possible is done to reduce flickering. Check the source (with deep knowledge how Sencha ExtJS is implemented works internally) and you'll see that no other solution is possible.

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