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0001414openmediavaultFeaturepublic2017-09-08 22:24
Assigned Tovotdev 
Platform2.xOS2.1.18OS Version2.1.18
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Summary0001414: Please add a new column "label" in Phisical Disk
DescriptionA new column for label was usefull, and the ability to modify when "edit" the disk.

You can also edit by CLI using e2label command , but is very usefull to edit in WebGUI and Phisical Disk is the good point to do.
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igrnt (reporter)

e2label controls the label for *filesystems* (and only ext2/3/4 at that), not *disks*.
The ability to edit and see this information on the WebGUI is already present in the Filesystems panel, below Physical Disks.


raulfg3 (reporter)

Thanks for the info, and what about to add the posibility to edit/change label once label was created?.

you can assing a label only when format a disk, but is very usefull to edit it if you only mount a previosly formated disk.

I suppose that best way is in Phisical Disk, but is your comment is correct , perhaps best way is to do in "filesystem".

At the end, I reclaim a way to edit labels from webGUI (if possible).


votdev (administrator)

Labels are used by file systems, thus the physical disks page is the wrong place.

Modifying the label is somewhat useless in 99% of the usual use case, thus it will not be changeable via Webgui. You can easily do that via CLI if necessary.

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